Farm Workers

NORTHFIELD, Vermont, United States Full-time

Farm Workers

Green Mountain Girls Farm is recruiting to augment our small team for the 2018 season.  We seek folks who work to continually improve, think systemically, are keen to accept responsibility, learn, communicate and contribute to our late-stage start-up multi-functional farm.

We will add 2-3 people to our team this year.  We are seeking at least one person with a minimum of 3 years of solid farm work experience, preferably more, to join our team as a full-time, year-round farmer.  Other positions can be for all or part of the growing season.  There is also the options for one to start as seasonal with options for ongoing through the winter. The seasonal dates are flexible, could be a start as early as April, but we will also consider summer school vacation candidates.

Our team includes folks focused on livestock management, crop production, food processing, marketing and sales and overall infrastructure management.  We are currently seeking people who could contribute to many aspects of our farm, with a definite focus on hiring people with annual and/or perennial crop experience (vegetable and/or fruit) or livestock care experience.


About our Farm

Green Mountain Girls Farm links interrelated enterprises to maximize our land, talents and built infrastructure. We farm relationships and produce an intentional blend of value.  Our complex bottom line insists upon financial profitability, delighted customers, engaged neighbors, well functioning natural systems and thriving farmers. We rotationally graze Tamworth pigs, turkeys, and chickens and grow vegetables and small fruits, primarily for retail sale.  We follow organic standards and are focused on biological health of our soils. We also offer people the opportunity to experience a bit of farm life through lodging or events in our Barn Guest House or paid farm experiences.

We are optimistic for the success of our small hill farm and the potential for geotourism* to make a significant and positive impact here and more generally on Vermont’s working landscapes.  We seek to match individual’s strengths, that is the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance in a specific activity, with farm priorities. Therefore we are interested to learn about you; the ways you most naturally think, feel and behave as well as how you have built on that to acquire knowledge and skills and contribute. We are also keen to learn about your aspirations to see whether our farm is a good match for your preferences and direction. You can see and learn more about our farm in a short documentary prepared this year by a UVM student.  See the link on our website:


About the Positions

Ultimately we design custom role bundles for each team member. This demands an ongoing and rigorous process to identify and clarify roles which need to be filled for our success. We have intentionally avoided the temptation to pre-align these roles in a job description.  Rather we recruit for the key talents and experience we require and responsibilities will be solidified as we integrate successful candidates with our existing team. Currently we are hiring Farm Workers to work with our team to:

  • Transplant, Weed, Harvest, Haul, Mulch & Manage Pests in crop fields and orchards in all types of weather (Priority)
  • Set up and take down seasonal infrastructure and equipment
  • Perform daily pasture based animal care, thriving with repetition & attention to detail necessary on a farm
  • Process vegetables and meats into value added products 

Requirements include:

  • Experience with organic crop growing, livestock in rotational grazing, and/or food processing and preparation 
  • Ability to follow direction
  • Proven track record of quality work at a fast pace with a great deal of stamina

Poultry processing experience isn’t required, but is a plus as are mechanical and digital(excel, social media, etc.) expertise.

We prefer full-time availability, but will consider part-time staff for specialized work.

All team members must have:

  • Physical stamina appropriate for the role sought;
  • Ability to work quickly, multi-task and be flexible on a daily basis;
  • Agility to adapt and surf the edge of chaos typical of start-up enterprises,
  • Success working well in a team atmosphere;
  • The ability to legally drive, proficiency with standard transmission preferred,
  • Patience with repetition and/or detailed work,
  • Propensity to clean up after yourself and keeping all spaces clean and tidy, and
  • The desire to explore the far reaches of what you are capable of, what is possible for this team,  farm and the working landscape of Vermont.

 Remuneration for hourly work

  • Farmer’s Farm Share (Full share of farmer eggs, veggies and meat)
  • Lunch: Responsibility for preparing lunch with farm supplied food for the entire team will be shared amongst all team members
  • Hourly wages, commensurate with experience, primarily $10-13/hr, but higher wages possible for a seasoned, full-time, year-round farm worker.
  • Support to develop and achieve a personal learning agenda in the context of farm goals.

1Geotourism is tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place—its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents.


How to Apply

To apply for work at Green Mountain Girls Farm, please use the form on recruiterbox.

Be sure you include the following information in your cover letter and resume:

  • Earliest date available and any limitations on end of season
  • Past work experience and/or leadership or management responsibilities
  • What exposure and responsibilities do you seek?  How does this fit with your other life aspirations?
  • How you can best contribute to our farm
  • Tell us about your wiring. Share vignettes on conditions when you perform at your best, what are your best times of day and types of work? Which typically recharges you more flying solo with tasks or working with others? How much physical and mental challenge you seek? Do you tend more towards optimism or realism with time and tasks?
  • 2-3 work references, including previous employer, whether farming related or not, and any farm-related work references.

We will assemble material from applicants and contact you for follow up if there appears to be match potential. 

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